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The Ventura County Mothers of Multiples (VCMOM) is a non profit organization that offers support for parents of twins or higher order multiples based in Ventura County, California. VCMOM’s was originally founded in October 1952 as the Ventura Mothers of Twins Club.

The purpose of the Ventura County Mothers of Multiples (VCMOM) club is to support and benefit the members through education pertaining to the physical, mental and social development of twins and multiples. VCMOM is a member of the Southern California Mothers of Twins, Inc. and the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs, Inc.

• Monthly meetings and support groups for new, expecting and seasoned parents
• Play groups for children of all ages
• Seasonal activities, social events for the entire family
• Parents Night Out—just for mom and dad
• Mentoring program
• Online community network with forums, news, classifieds and more
• Monthly e-Newsletter
• Clothing and toy exchanges
• Fundraising
• Community outreach

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**Every prospective member is given a free 3 month trial period to check the club out and see if VCMOM is right for you. If you are currently pregnant, you have now until your babies are 3 months old to decide if you want to join.

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Member of the Multiples of America
Charter member of the Southern California Mothers of Multiples Clubs, Inc.

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2024-2025 VCMOM Membership Dues - $35.00

Fall Photo Fundraiser Pre-Pay - $75.00